A Night Where Heritage Met Modern Flair

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The historic El Martinete Villa, a jewel in Puerto Banús, Marbella, recently opened its doors for an extraordinary event. Known for its luxurious ambiance and rich artistic heritage, the villa was the chosen venue for the exclusive launch of FMR Brands’ latest innovative drink collection.


El Martinete: a canvas of History and Elegance


Steeped in Marbella’s opulent history, El Martinete has long been a beacon of high society and artistic expression. The villa’s most enchanting feature, a swimming pool adorned with a tile reproduction of a work by Pablo Picasso, created for the villa’s original owner, flamenco dancer Antonio Ruiz Soler, perfectly encapsulates the blend of tradition and creativity that defines El Martinete. This unique piece of art set a magnificent stage for the evening’s celebration.


Influencers Add a Touch of Glamour


The event was further elevated by the presence of renowned influencers, each bringing their unique style and charisma to the evening. Adrián Pedraja, known for his keen eye for luxury and lifestyle, mingled effortlessly, capturing the essence of the event through his lens. Ana Vera Rubio, with her elegant presence, added a touch of grace and sophistication. Sabrina Doll Actitud, always a trendsetter, was seen engaging with the new drink collection, her enthusiasm palpable.


Sara Bruno‘s charm and Juanma Furio‘s flair for the finer things in life were unmistakable as they explored the villa’s historic grounds. Elissa de Saro, with her artistic sensibility, found a deep connection with the villa’s artistic heritage, while Yanela Brooks‘ vibrant energy and musical talent resonated perfectly with the event’s dynamic atmosphere.


Their presence not only added to the glamour of the evening but also played a significant role in highlighting the event’s fusion of art, history, and modern innovation. Their social media coverage and interactions brought an additional layer of excitement and reach, connecting El Martinete and FMR Brands’ latest offerings with a wider, digitally-engaged audience.


A Showcase of Culinary Innovation in a Historic Setting


The event spotlighted FMR Brands’ new line of beverages, aligning with El Martinete’s legacy of hosting distinguished gatherings. The ‘Ready to Drink’ RTD2 cocktails and the award-winning SAVG Lyf kombucha were the stars of the show, symbolizing a new era in the beverage industry, much like El Martinete symbolizes the evolution of luxury and art.


SAVG Lyf: A Toast to Contemporary Tastes


In the grandeur of El Martinete, SAVG Lyf shone as a modern masterpiece. As one of Europe’s first alcoholic kombuchas, with flavors like Lemon & Ginger and Mango & Strawberry, it resonated with the villa’s ethos of embracing the new while honoring the past. Its recognition at the World Kombucha Awards 2023 was celebrated as a testament to innovation, mirroring the villa’s own prestigious standing.


RTD2 Cocktails: A Modern Twist in a Timeless Venue


El Martinete’s guests were also treated to the RTD2 cocktail range, which includes unique blends like Hard Coffee Caramel, Spicy Paloma, and Cucumber Ginger Mule. These cocktails, served in a setting that has witnessed countless classic celebrations, added a contemporary touch to the evening.


El Martinete and FMR Brands: a partnership rooted in excellence


Ini Ghidirmic, director and general counsel of FMR Brands, highlighted the significance of El Martinete as the venue choice. “El Martinete, with its blend of cultural richness and luxury, was the ideal location to introduce our innovative products to the Spanish market, a region renowned for its culinary heritage.”


The event at El Martinete was more than a product launch; it was a celebration of the harmonious blend of art, history, and modern innovation. El Martinete and FMR Brands together set a new standard in the world of luxury events, offering an unforgettable experience that resonates with the villa’s illustrious legacy.

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