Antonio “El Bailarin” signature recipe cocktails welcome you at the villa El Martinete

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Grab your shaker and ingredients! Peter Trinfa shows us in the video below how to successfully mix “Antonio El Bailarin” refreshing cocktails. Get your palate immersed in the authentic flavors of Marbella, and its flowers. The mixing secret is all about the perfect balance of art and music “Martinete” into your cocktail. Follow our steps to create our delicious cocktails recipe at home. We look forward to seeing you at El Martinete villa soon.



“Antonio cocktail” ingredients:

· 30 ml Tequila/ Mezcal

· 30 ml Coconut milk

· 40 ml Orange juice

· 20 ml Lime juice

· 20 ml Agave nectar

· Tajín

· ¼ Avocado

· ¼ Jalapeño


“El Bailarin cocktail” ingredients:

· 40 ml hibiscus infused vodka

· 10 ml Cointreau

· 10 ml Rose syrup

· 15 ml Lemon Juice

· Ice

· Schweppes hibiscus tonic

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