Contrast in Harmony

Two entirely different decors.
Two distinctive yet complimentary experiences.

El Martinete has the soul of an antique house, the intimacy of a family home and the allure of ultra-modern design. All carefully preserved and integrated to create a singular residence experience.

Two years of renovation and refurbishment has transformed the Villa into the deluxe rental residence and venue available today. A highly refined design aesthetic inspired the Villa’s two distinctive interiors.

The upper floors represent a classic Baroque style with highly ornamental décor. Grand antique furnishings match the intricate architectural details of the original Villa.

Downstairs the brand-new spa & leisure complex was designed to be ultra-modern chic with contemporary amenities, stylish furniture and modern art.

Sharing the belief that excellent interior design is about comfort as much as visual impression, El Martinete commissioned KAOBE of Marbella to design the renovations as well as curate the art, furniture and fabrics for the villa.